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Our judges welcome the opportunity to speak to local schools and community organizations about the work of the court and the role of justice in civic society. We also coordinate with lawyers, bar associations, and representatives of the United States Attorney's Offices who are available to speak as well, to give a variety of perspectives about our justice system, and the diversity of professional roles within that system.

Judges and lawyers will visit local schools and community organizations for presentations, panel discussions, or Q&A sessions. Examples of places visited by federal judges include:

  • Middle schools and high schools;
  • Community colleges;
  • Senior centers;
  • Child and family services non-profit organizations;
  • Youth groups, including local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts troops;
  • Public radio stations

Examples of topics that judges and lawyers may address include:

  • Our federal courts and how they function;
  • Your Constitutional rights and duties;
  • Careers in the law and law enforcement;
  • Becoming a lawyer, a judge, or a law enforcement agent;
  • Our jury system;
  • Financial literacy and why it matters;
  • Significant and historic trials


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