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Bench in Your Backyard, an initiative of the Federal Bar Association in partnership with the Eastern District of New York and Justice for All: Courts and the Community, aims to provide middle school students with an "inside look" at the federal courts and seeks to educate students about the federal justice system.

In celebration of Constitution and Citizenship Month, Bench in Your Backyard invites students to participate in a series of learning modules designed to engage students in learning about the federal courts from federal judges as well as other participants in the federal justice system including attorneys, probation officers, and federal agents.

Constitution Day 1


Constitution Day 2


Constitution Day 3


Constitution Day 4



Check out these helpful infographics to learn more about the federal courts

What Is The Job
of Federal Judges
How A Criminal Case Moves Through The Courts
Structure of the
Federal Courts
Cases Handled in
Federal Courts
Comparing Federal
and State Courts
Pathways to the Supreme Court of the United States
Grand Juries vs.
Trial Juries
Join The Journey
Towards Justice
What is the Job of
a U.S. Magistrate Judge
You Be The
Judges In The
Federal Court System
Steps In A
Criminal Trial
Of Powers


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