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  • Today, Tuesday, April 17 is Tax Day. Have you ever wondered about the history of taxes in the United States? The Constitution Center's "Story of Tax Day" episode of Constitution Hall Pass, explains how Alexander Hamilton came up with a plan to create a national bank, how the Constitution was amended to allow the federal government to impose an income tax, and where those tax dollars go today.


  • Thursday, April 19, 2018, members of the Judiciary and the community will re-enact the Susan B. Anthony Trial.  The re-enactment is in collaboration with the District Court of the Northern District of New York and the Northern District of New York Federal Court Bar Association.  All are welcome to attend. For more information, please visit the NDNY Federal Court Bar Association's website.


  • February 12th & 14th, 2017. The United States District Court of the District of Connecticut in conjunction with Civics First CT, hosted the Quarter Final Round and Semi-Final Round of the Civics First High School Mock Trials at the Abraham A. Ribicoff Federal Building. Presiding over the Quarter Final Round were United States District Judges Vanessa L. Bryant and Michael P. Shea and State of Connecticut Appellate Court Judge Michael R. Sheldon and Windham District Superior Court Judge Hope Seeley. Presiding over the Semi-Final Round were United States District Judge Warren G. Eginton and United States Bankruptcy Judge James Tancredi.

    Learn more about the Civics First Mock Trial Competitions.


  • November 6, 2017. the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit celebrated the 100th anniversary of its landmark case, Masses Publishing Co. v. Patten, 245 F. 102 (2d Cir. 1917), with an historical reenactment at the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse.

    In association with The First Amendment Salons of the Floyd Abrams Institute of Freedom of Expression at Yale Law School, and the Media Law Committee of the New York State Bar Association, the case was dramatized by Floyd Abrams, Senior Counsel at Cahill Gordon & Reindell, and Kathleen M. Sullivan, Partner at Quinn Emanuel. The arguments were heard by a panel of three Second Circuit judges: the Honorable Reena Raggi, Pierre N. Leval, and Robert D. Sack

    To learn more about the the reenactment, please read Professor Thomas Healy's short article.

    Watch the entire reenactment here.

    About the Case
    During World War I, Congress enacted the Espionage Act to prevent insubordination in the military, and to prevent support of U.S. enemies during wartime. Under the new law, the U.S. Post Office banned from mail distribution a magazine called Masses, which was highly critical of the war. U.S. District Court Judge Learned Hand ruled in the magazine's favor, finding that the Post Office did not have the right to prevent distribution of the magazine. However, the Second Circuit overturned that decision, holding that the magazine's tacit encouragement of disloyalty to American interests was illegal under the law.


  • September 18, 2017. Constitution Day and Citizenship Day 2017. Click here for more information.


  • June 2017. Annual Report. Click here to view the brochure.


  • On March 7, 2017, Chief Judge Robert Katzmann appeared on the Charlie Rose program as part of a panel discussion on civic education. Click here to view the program. 


  • On February 11, 2017, C-SPAN posted a recording of the December 14, 2016 Second Circuit 125th Anniversary Program "Reflections on Thurgood Marshall: His Jurisprudential Influence on His Law Clerks and the Legal Profession." Click here to view. 


  • On January 16, 2017, fifth-graders from Girls Prep Bronx Elementary School participated in a mock trial at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan. Read the Wall Street Journal article titled "Lehman Bankruptcy Judge Holds Court in Mock Trial." (Password req'd).


  • Read the New York Times article on our initiative titled "Teaching Students That Judge Judy Is Not A Supreme Court Justice."



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