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The federal judiciary is one of the three branches of the national government. It seeks to provide the fair and effective administration of justice for all persons and interests, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, or status. Federal courts and their state court counterparts provide a means for settling disputes peacefully, and help to foster democratic governance, consistent with the Constitution's goals of "justice" and "domestic tranquility." Those who founded our government recognized the critical importance of an independent national judiciary with a limited but essential role.



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February 20, 2019 - Learn about the crucial role magistrate judges play in federal courts around the nation, in this article on

February 17, 2019 - Read the Utica Observer Dispatch’s Opinion piece, Our View: Take Time to Watch an American be 'Born,' featuring naturalization ceremonies in Utica, New York and Northern District of New York Judge David N. Hurd.

November 23, 2018, The New York Times covered our soon-to-open Learning Center. Read more about it and our program here: "New York City High Schoolers Get Their Day in Court."

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Constance Baker Motley, James Meredith, and The University of Mississippi

Clips of the reenactment performed at the Thurgood Marshall US Courthouse.

2017 National High School Mock Trial Championship

Sponsored by Civics First and hosted at the US Courthouse in Hartford, Connecticut.

The Mock Trial of Nat Turner

A mock trial by students from the Girls Prep Bronx Elementary School in the Chambers of Judge Shelley Chapman at the US Bankruptcy Court.


Courthouse Visits

Programs featuring courthouse tours, presentations about the architecture and history of ourcourthouses, and presentations by judges and staff about the federal courts, including their probation and pre-trial services departments, and also partners, including the U.S. Marshal Service, U.S. Attorney's Office, and Federal Defenders.

Civic Education

Collaborating with the Justice Resource Center and New York City Department of Education to enhance education regarding the role of courts in civic life, as well as law-focused courses for high school students, professional development programs for teachers, and the general social studies curriculum for NYC public high school students. Outside NYC, collaborating with bar and law firm mentorship, moot appellate court and mock trial programs for high school students.

Student Contests

Moot appellate court, mock trial, and essay contests developed circuit-wide for middle and high school students, including advocacy programs at the Central Islip courthouse and a mentor moot court competition program in Nassau County.

Reenactments - Historic Courtroom Theater

Reenactments of historic court cases. These are a means of educating the public about important historic cases that are still of significance today. We provide a mechanism for teachers, students, lawyers, and other members of the public to learn about these cases and obtain materials for presenting the reenactments.

Civic Ceremonies

Programs for Law Day and Constitution Day celebrations, including naturalization program for Constitution Day.


Coordinating community speaking events for judges, professors, lawyers, and scholars about the legal profession and the work of the courts.

Adult Education

Developing financial education programs on consumer bankruptcy and consumer credit, including expanding the Credit Abuse Resistance Educaton (CARE) program and forming panels of lawyer educators to partner with judges for presentations on financial literacy at a wide variety of locations and organizations.

* Photos above: (2 & 3) Students from Tottenville High School attend a library and research seminar, Thurgood Marshall Courthouse, October 18, 2016 (4) Students from Brownsville Collegiate Charter School perform a reenactment of The Amistad case at the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse in Manhattan, June 16, 2016

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